Re: Naming Traditions--Suicide #general

Kathi E Freudenheim <kef2@...>

My maternal grandmother committed suicide in 1938. She is buried in the
adjacent cemetery to where my grandfather was buried 10 yrs. earlier.
She has a beautiful gravestone which my uncle (her son) provided for
her. I was told by the owner of the cemetery that persons who committed
suicide were buried facing the wall or fence away >from their spouses and
families, but near or in the area of the family graves. Also, my mother
felt compelled to name me after her.

Kathi Freudenheim
Buffalo, NY

Harriet Brown wrote:

I don't know about naming *traditions* in case of a suicide, but I do
know that my father was named for his grandfather, my g-grandfather, who
had committed suicide 14 years earlier.

Of course, the family maintains that my g-grandfather didn't commit
suicide, but died of stomach cancer. Still, they must have known at the
time, and later, too, no matter how hard they tried not to.

My father has his grandfather's exact Hebrew name, so it's a close naming

Now, if I could only figure out where they buried my g-grandfather. I
suspect there is no gravestone for a suicide, and I'm sure if I'm wrong
someone on the list will correct me. :-)

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