Looking for Osher BLEICH listed on family finder from Stropkov, Slovakia #general


I tried to contact Osher Bleich listed on the Jewish Gen website but my
email did not go through. I am curious to contact him because my
great-grandfather was named Osher Bleich. His family >from Stropkov,
Slovakia. Does anyone know how I can reach him?

George Frankel

Turner: Kalwariya, Oswiecim, Mszana Dolna, Krakow, Berlin, Nowe Sacz,
Nowe Targ, Poland; Czeckoslavakia Fisch (Fisz): Tarnow, Brzostek,
Radgosczc, Dobrowa, Poland Moravska Ostrava, Czech; Beller/Zell: Boiberke
(Bobrka), Ukraine; Vienna, Austria; Brooklyn, NY Bleich/Frankel: Budkiv,
Grinyev, Mikolajow, Bobrka, Ukraine Vienna, Austria; Brooklyn, New York

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