Detroit Reverse Directory from 1948 #general

Miriam H. Nadel <mhnadel@...>

Does anybody know where I could get a reverse phone directory for Detroit
from 1948? I have the address my father was living at (>from his first
papers) and I thought I knew who he lived with, but I want to verify that.

Miriam Nadel

researching: NADEL (Kovno and Vilna, Lithuania), FEINSTEIN (Kovno,
Lithuania, Israel and South Africa), CHVOLES (Vilna, Lithuania),
GREENBLATT (Kovno, Lithuania), BLOOM (Lithuania), BRISKIN (Kovno,
Lithuania), CLHIJEBOTSKI/LUBOWSKY/LUBOFSKY (Tykocin, Poland and Havana,
Poland), MAKOWER (Lomza Guberniya, Poland)

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