Genealogy Study & Survey #general

Eileen Polakoff <eileenpolakoff@...>

As genealogists and family historians, you may be interested in
participating in the following study. I just did it and it did take 20
minutes or so but I think it's important for us to express our reasons for
genealogy in such a format. If interested or if you have questions, please
visit the web site listed < > for
further information.

The Fullerton Genealogy Study
A Master's Thesis Project by Pamela Drake
California State University, Fullerton

Nearly 60% of U.S. residents participate in some genealogical activities.
Yet there is sparse information about the millions of people involved in
this rewarding hobby and what needs are met by the pursuit of one's
ancestors. A thesis project designed to address these questions is being
conducted at California State University Fullerton. See the survey at:

Eileen Polakoff

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