Re: Anatevka & Yehupets #general

Martin Green <btestware@...>

The question of the real name of Sholom Aleichem's fictional Anatevka has
come up as a topic of another discussion group, with several different
replies; I am posting my reply as it is of interest to the Ukraine SIG.
While looking through one of the Shtetl Finder books, I came across the
notations that Sholom Aleichem referred to existing places in the Ukraine
with pseudonyms. The fictional name of Yehupets was his name for Kiev;
the town of Anatevka was his name for Boyarka.

I was intrigued, as my maternal ancestors come >from Boyarka..
We are also >from Boyarka. My family was Greenspoon, and some
of the other family names >from the village are Belapolsky, Antonovsky,
and Shubinsky.

Martin Green
Winnipeg, Canada

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