New York City Public School Records: record search #general

David Priever <David_Priever@...>

Dear Fellow Jewishgenners,

As many of you may know, I am a substitute teacher on the Lower East Side
of New York. Our district is bounded by 14th St on the north, the East
River on the east, 4th Ave on the west and South St. on the south. The
principal of one school has given me permission to inform everyone who may
have an interest that he will allow me to personally search the records
for others during my non-teaching time (lunch, after-school).

If you have requests and for more information, please email me privately
at: priever@...

Depending on the number of requests (and I am aware there may be many), it
can take anywhere >from a few days to weeks for a response.

The school record can give you the addresses a student lived at, their
birthplace if outside the U.S. and, if in New York, their certificate
number. I have seen the condition of these records, which in many cases
are very brittle.

An article was printed in Genealogical Resources in the New York City
Metropolitan Area, edited by Estelle Guzik.


David Priever

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