Max Altman: Social Security Application--not mine #general


Dear All:

I just received the following social security application for the wrong (for
me) Max Altman:

Social security number: 120-18-8800
Date of application: October 27, 1942: Unemployed
Address: **** Hoe Avenue, New York, NY
Birthdate: July 30, 1889
Birthplace: Pinsk, Russia
Father's name: Russel Altman
Mother's maiden name: Ritza Colodner

I hope this is of use to someone. If you want the actual certificate, please
e-mail me at Walmeleh@...

Wendy Almeleh
Great Neck, NY

searching: LEVIN (Grodno); LEWIN (Stolbtsy, Belarus); SKOLNIK, MIRKSY,
ALTMAN, SCHWARTZ (all >from Mir, Belarus); HAIN (Germany); SANDLER (Belarus)

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