Dificulties with LOEWENAU surname need help bad! #general

Sheri & David Early <earlyd@...>

I would love to have some kind person's help on this surname for I know
absolutely nothing about searching for relatives of Jewish descent nor do I
know W.Prussia's history that good either.
I found out 2 days ago that my gg-grandmother (Wilhelmine Karoline LOEWENAU)
was of Jewish descent >from a cousin. He didn't have doc's to back this up
but was told this by one of Wilhelmine's son's ( His g-grandfather) while
doing a genealogical search in college, some30 years ago. I knew they came
from W. Prussia but I was not aware of this at all. >from the looks of her
name I would have said that she was of German descent, although I was told
by a historian that no way was Loewenau German but I never gave it another
thought until cousin Tom told me.
I knew they were hiding something because all of their records are all
messed up and I mean *all* of them. I often wondered if they did that
Now that he said something I want to know, do I have Jewish blood running
through my veins and if I do I would like to know what tribe my family comes
I somehow feel violated that I was never told and feel that if she was full
blooded Jewish descent I have a right to know.
I have found Friedrich KOLODZYK/KOLODZIK'S marriage license to Wilhelmine
LOEWENAU in Krockow, W. Prussia films >from lds in 1871 it says they were
Evang: Luth:
Tom says this marriage was an arranged marriage and that Friedrich was paid
handsomely in gold.
Friedrich and Wilhelmine settled in Green Bay, WI. and had 9 children they
all could speak Yiddish, German, Prussian, Russia and didn't learn English
until they were married and out of their home. Tom says there was no reason
to teach them English for Friedrich and Wilhelmine lived everyday thinking
that someday they would be sent back, initially they were told to leave W.
Prussia by the way because of this marriage, they left in or around 1871.
Tom said she was >from what was called Krakow ghetto, he said this is where a
lot of people of Jewish descent were living then?
I could go on and on about what Tom told me but I am trying to keep this
Anyway does anyone know if this surname sounds or looks of Jewish descent?
If it does what do I do if they have change their name sometime before
Wilhelmine, will I ever find out then?

My g-uncle went back there in 1974 looking for descendants and was told that
both surnames were buried in mass graves. LOEWENAU because they were Jewish
and KOLODZYK/KOLODZIK because they were against Hitler and wanted the
Kaiser's son back in ruling in W. Prussia. If this be the case will I ever
know who is buried in those mass graves?
In reality folks is this something I will ever find?
Thanks for the help, you don't know how much I appreciate this.

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