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Thanks to Warren Blatt & Pamela ? who kindly replied to my query
about Lask. In case the info is useful to others, I reproduce it with

I can find no reference to any JRI-Poland activity for Lask, either any
current data, nor any formed Shtetl CO-OP... so you'll have to go to
the original archival data.

There are no records >from the Prussian period (1793-1807), but there
are records >from the Russian period (1808-1918) and the Polish period

The LDS have microfilmed the 1808-1825 Roman Catholic civil register
of Lask, which would contain the Jewish births, marriages and deaths.
LDS microfilms #808,461 and #808,462.

They've also microfilmed the Jewish registers, 1827-1869 (6 rolls:
#808,471-475, #767,128). The later 19th-century Lask Jewish
registers are at the Polish State Archives branch in Lodz, and
the 20th-century Jewish registers through 1939 are at the Urzad
Stanu Cywilnego (USC = Civil Registration Office) in Lask, all

Miriam Weiner's "Jewish Roots in Poland", pages 232-233 has further
more precise information about Jewish records of Lask.

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