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I wonder if I can get some clarification please?

I am located in Canada.
My web-site is in the US and lists personal information about living
people including name, address, phone, email, pictures etc etc. I know
some people have qualms about this but that is they way I want it. I
will blank address and phone if requested, once I have it, for living
people, but I expect the information to be verified first. Most
relatives will not, or do not have access to look at the site, and
ignore hard copies mailed to them. I had had delivered a letter to some
family members saying information would be posted unless they
specifically denied permission.

My understanding is that the privacy laws in the UK *exclude* genealogy
information posted on personal website that are not for profit. I also
believe that the US and Canada do not accept extraterritorial
application of laws.

I have now received a snail mail letter >from England advising me that
under the English Data Information Act I may not assume the right to
publish information on the web with out consent of all parties
involved. They are also stating that they, their husband, their
children, children's spouses, and children's chidden absolutely reserve
the the right to bar publication of addresses, phone numbers and
photographs on my web-site. Also as executor of their dead parents they
forbid posting any family information or photographs on the dead parents
on any web site.

On first reading I thought they were banning posting their information,
but on writing this I see they are not banning it, except for dead
people, but are just reserving the right to do so.

Am I correct in assuming that their interpretation of the UK law is
incorrect, that the UK law does not apply to me, or my site, that if I
continue to post information the only possible repercussions will be
family hassles?

Ian Singer
Toronto Canada
See my homepage at http://www.iansinger.com

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