Re: village Gmini Karnevo, Makovsky county, region of Lomzhinsky--where? #general

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


Your Polish records have been domisticated (or Americanized) and on the way
slightly canibalized.

The original Russian Poland era record made the reference to:

Karniewo village (parish), Makow uyezd (county or district), Lomza Guberniya

Currently, locality Karniewo is located at 5250 2059, near Makow Mazowiecki

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB., Canada

"Marty Meyers" <marty@...> wrote in message

Hi everyone,

I just learned that my great-great grandparents were (at some point) from
the "village Gmini Karnevo, Makovsky county, region of Lomzhinsky."

Does anyone know where this might be?
Shtetl-seeker came up empty searching on Gmini Karnevo.

and, another big thank you to the folks helping out with Viewmate
translations! I can't say enough about how helpful you've been.


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