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Stephanie Weiner <laguna@...>

Dear Marion,

Believe it! In every state in the union, birth certificates are altered
when a person is adopted. An adoption is an adoption is an adoption --
whether the birth mother "agreed" to the adoption or otherwise. And
frankly, I also feel that it dishonors the memory of the birth mother,
whether she "agreed" or not -- and it is crazy making for the adopted
person. I wonder why, though, you think it is any different whether or
not the mother agrees to the adoption. I can assure you that the adopted
person, if a minor or an infant, more than likely has not agreed to the
adoption. In adoption, the laws of this country remove a person's
identity >from its natural tree and attempt to "graft" it onto another
tree without so much as a by-your-leave.

Lest anyone misunderstand, I am not against adoption per se, only
against the way it is often practiced in this country. Secrets and lies
do not benefit anyone and, unfortunately, occur more often than we'd
like to think. Black market babies and babies imported >from other
countries have very little likelihood of ever learning their original
background or heritage.

And what does all this have to do with genealogy, you may ask. It has
much to do with how one charts an adopted person on a genealogical tree.
As you point out, Marion, it can lead to inaccuracies via omission if
not acknowledged in some fashion.

Stephanie Weiner, adopted person
Mt. Laguna, CA

MODERATOR NOTE: This discussion is veering away >from genealogy. Please
conduct discussion of non-genealogical aspects of adoption off-list.

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