I have previously posted a search for ANNA AIN. I now have more information
obtained >from my mom's old personal telephone book (that I kept). She listed
ANNA GOLDENBERG, living in a Workmen's Circle Home for the Aged in Bronx, New

I had always been told her name was Anna AIN and that when she was in her
90s, which would have been in the late 1940s or during the 1950s, she met and
married someone in the nursing home. A cousin said "Aunt Anna" (who would
have been my cousin) was an aunt to her mother and her name was Anna LEAF.
Thus, all the confusion on the surname. We are desperately trying to find out
how she is related -- through LEAF or AIN, or it could be through either, as
my grandmother was Neome (Nechamah) AIN who married Samson (Shimshon) LEAF,
my grandfather.

Is there anyone that is familiar with the names or the story or can offer any
information at all? She may be buried at the Workmen's Circle section of the
Montefiore Cemetery in Albans, NY. I have checked with Workmen's Circle and
will also call the cemetery.

Thanks to everyone who is always so willing to help others, whether it be
definite information or suggestions.

Rachelle Leaf Berliner
Savannah GA, U.S.A.
LEAF/LIEBERMAN/AIN/SHENKIN/LIFSCHITZ >from Bialystok & Zvistrich PO/Russia to
NY to Savannah)
BERLINER/SIDLER/STEIN(>from Ostrolenka to NY to Savannah)
London toBaltimore)

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