Adoption in California #general

Chuck Weinstein <cweinstein@...>

Under California law, as is/was the case in most states, adoptions are a
sealed record. They can only be unsealed with a court order. This
applies to all adoptions prior to the late '70's, when the laws were
changed. Thus, birth records are altered and records that relate to
adoptees are not generally available in the county, but must be ordered
from Sacramento. All of the parental information on the record pertains
to the adopted parents, not the birth parents. Since the change in
laws, birth records of those adopted at birth reflect the adopted
parents, but records of those adopted somewhat later are not altered
and, in most cases, the original can be obtained >from the county, with
an altered record available >from Sacramento. I do not have the address
in Sacramento to order these records, but it is available in every
county's public health dept. Many states maintain these rules even

Chuck Weinstein in San Mateo, CA

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