Name differences in Census and on birth certificate: Is Anna Deborah = Anita ? #general


In a message dated 3/25/01 Subject: birth certificate name - 1906
From: "Arlene" <>
<< I've received a birth certificate for my great-aunt (I think).
Everything on it is correct as far as family info is concerned except for
the birth name of the child. The birth date is one her sister had given me
years ago. It shows Anna Deborah. On the 1900 census 4 yrs later the child
is called Anita. >>

Please remember that people have changed their names and sometimes the
spelling of their names all the time, both formally and informally. My
great-aunt Ada was called Adele in 1 census, her sister, Betty was called
Isabelle, and a third sister was called Jeanette instead of Jenny.
We did the same in my generation and so does my daughter's generation.
I hope that this child is family.
Barbara Krauss, Portage MI

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