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Dear Ruth,
You're right there are many towns named Gorodets. Over 100 showed up
when I searched for Gorodets in Shtetlseeker some years ago. When you
realize that "Gorod" is the same as "Grad", as in Stanlingrad, etc., that
is, "town" or "city", then you can understand the proliferation of the
The challenge for a genner is to select that one Gorodets which fits
his/her family. In my case, I chose the one near Brest-Litovsk in what is
now Belarus. I had to use clues >from Beider's "Dictionary of Jewish Names in
the Russian Empire" which told me in what regions my family name appeared,
as well as info >from Yad Vashem files of concentration camp prisoners.
If you think my Gorodets is your Gorodets, please go the Yizkor Book
section of the Jewishgen web site and open the entry for Gorodets, in which
I have translated portions of the Yizkor Book for that village.
Good luck in your search.
Gene Sucov, Pittsburgh JGS, searching for
SUCHOWCZYCKI, Horodetz-Bialystok-US
SHLAFMITZ, Zaremby-Koscielne-US

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Dear fellow searchers,
I have someone in my family tree named Gorodetski. Originally, I thought
there must be "millions" of places with a name like that. It turns out
that this haystack is much smaller than I thought it would be.
There are, though not "millions", quite a few. Does anyone know of a town
named Gorodets that was important in Jewish history-one among the many to
be found on the jewishgen shtetl finder?
Ruth Hyman
Rockville Centre, NY

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