Re: birth certificate name-1906 and marriage certificates #general

Linda Altman <southernexotics@...>

This does raise a very interesting issue. Take the marriage certificate of
my husbands grandparents. I have both of their birth certificates, so I
know the birth dates and locations. The birth certificates also list
mother's maiden names. The marriage certificate reads as pure fiction. The
husbands name is correct, but his age, his mothers maiden name, and the
country of birth are not correct. The brides first name and age are also
incorrect. Both husband and wife were born in the US. According to the
marriage certificate the husband was born in Bessarabia/Russia!

The there is my great grandmothers mariage certificate. Her maiden name in
the US was Sarah SMITH. She maried Barnett SHAPIRO. The marriage
certificate reads her name as Sadie BALIFF and his name as Bonish SHAPIRO.

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC
SZABAS/SHABBAS, CHILLER, (Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland).
WISHNEVETSKY or any close spelling, (Poland). LIEBERMAN, (Romania, Austria).
WEINSTEIN, (Polonnoye and Odessa, Russia or Ukraine). SINGER, ALTMAN,

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