1860s Belarus: take stepfather's name? #belarus

Joyce Weaver <joyweave@...>

My great-grandfather passed away when my grandmother was three years
old. Her mother remarried and had three more children. I've always
assumed that my grandmother's maiden name, VILNER/ WILLNER, was that of
her natural father. But now I'm wondering whether this could be her
step-father's name.

Is anyone knowledgeable about naming traditions in Belarus in the
1860s? Would a child retain her birth-father's name? Would a
step-father adopt the child, either formally or informally and give her
his own name?

Joy Weaver
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POLAND (Krasnik, Zaklikow, Lublin): Blumberg, Fogiel, Rozenel.
BELARUS (Wisoke-Litovsk, Brest, Grodno): Feinberg, Vilner, Greenberg.

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