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Judy Kancigor <jbkancigor@...>

Ava Sweeney wrote:

I have my mgf's naturalization papers so I thought it would be easy
to send to the national archives and find the ship he came on.

Does anyone have experiences with finding ship manifests?
Dear Ava,

If you have your grandfather's naturalization papers, you want to send
for his Petition for Naturalization and the Declaration of Intention,
both of which state the name of the ship he was on and the date he

I had that information and I too could not find my grandfather's name
on the manifest until I interviewed a great-uncle who told me that my
grandfather came on forged papers and was not Harry Rabinowitz when he
boarded the ship, but traveling under this uncle's father's name,
Mordechai Savitsky!

I have sent for the photo of my grandfather's ship >from the Mariners
Museum in Newport News, VA and they coldn't be nicer!

Good luck!
Judy Kancigor

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