need help to locate family in St Paul MN Censuses: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 #general


Dear Twin Cities Genners,
Through interlibrary loan through local archives at Western Michigan
University, I just received microfilms for the Ramsey County 1880, 1900,
1910, and 1920 Census among others.
I don't even know if my great-grandfather or his wife's relatives had
immigrated to St. Paul by 1880 but decided I had to try to see if anyone had
arrived yet....
Thanks to's on-line Polk City Directory, I know that the
family lived at 461 or 478 Robert St in 1890-91.
Thanks to Charlotte Showel, I know that at the time of the 1895 MN
Census, they lived on Temperance St. and that they had moved to 212 14th St
by U.S. Census Day, June 5, 1900.
According to MapQuest, these addresses are all close together. I assume
that the family was possibly living in the same area in 1910 unless they
had already moved to E. University. Here are my questions:
1. What was the name of this part of St. Paul in the late 1800s and early
1900s--specifically in 1910? i.e., the Robert St, Temperance St, and 14th
St area? (I may have seen a recent reference to "the Market Area" but don't
know if this was the name a century ago. )
Why do I need to know this? I just began checking the 1910 Census. No
addresses appear on the microfilm I used during my first search. Instead,
the areas are divided by sections of town--like "Newmound" (if I remember
correctly). So far, the quality of both the handwritten entries and of the
film itself has been excellent--easy to read quickly. But I have less than a
month to go through 10 Census films plus the 1880 MN Soundex. The Twin
Cities area had lots of people back then....
Thanks to Leonard Arenson and Raymond Whitzman (possible distant
cousins), I know that my family was living at 265 E University by the time
of the 1920 Census.
2. What was the name of this section of St. Paul? Is this what is called
Can anyone give me any clues about locating my relatives in any of
these Census years? (Yes, I read the hints about finding enumeration
districts, but Minnesota and Wisconsin sites are not among those cities
which the govt gave extra help for finding people. ; (
Barbara Krauss in Portage MI

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