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At 06:47 25/03/2001, you wrote:
My sister has a Yizkor Book (not a misnamed memorial book of a town) that
she would like to put in the hands of the correct family. It was put out
by the children of Mendl and Ernestine KARPEL of Vienna in their memory.
It is written in German, printed in Vienna, and along with prayers for the
dead, gives the yarzheits for the couple for many years forwards >from the
year of their deaths. It is about 15 pages long and has no biographical
information other than that mentioned here.

"In memory of Medl KARPEL (Father)
died 27 Nov 1873 -- 7 Kislev 5634
(wife) Ernestine KARPEL
died 29 Oct 1915 -- 21 Cheshvan "

If you think this is your family, please contact me privately.

Beverly Shulster
Yehud, Israel

Lillie Sophie Aunlaufstelle Vienna large database of Austrian Jews with a
wealth of information.,

Limmud Sophie Austrian Holocaust Victims' Information and Support Center

best of luck

David Lewin

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