Orgeyever Landsmanshftn #general

joan breslow <webjoan@...>

I have attempted to get information about the "Progressive Orgeyever
Society" located in NYC area and/or Phila., Pa.

I was given several possible sources, wrote to all and never rec'd. a

I would appreciate any available, solid information about this society.

Thank you very much, Joan Breslow, San Marcos, Ca.

Searching: BRESLOW, Dvinsk & Friedrichstadt, Latvia; to Sweden, then
UK, then US (NY & NJ)
SHERMAN, Riga, Latvia; (Possibly UK, then US/NJ.
GOLDENBERG/GOLDBERG, Orhei/Orgeyev,Bessarabia; NYC & Phila. Pa.
YUSEM OR YUSIM, Orhei/Orgeyev, Bessarabia, then France, then Phila,US
FLEISCHMAN, Bessarabia, to London; to Mich., to Phila.& Chester, Pa.

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