Seeking Adele GRAF (nee NEUMANN) #austria-czech

Anne Webber <annewebber@...>

We are attempting to discover the fate of Adele GRAF.

Adele GRAF (nee NEUMANN) was born 4 December 1875, Vienna.

We believe she may have married Leopold Graf. Leopold was resident in Gablonz
in 1920; and would have been aged 75/76 in 1943. They may have travelled to
New York together in 1920 (possibly to visit relatives?)

In February 1942 the Gestapo recorded her as registered in Gablonz. By June 1943
she was registered by the Reichsprotektorat in Prague.

Alternative Gestapo sources record that she fled to Switzerland in 1938.

We would be very grateful for any information you could give us regarding Adele
or Leopold, and their relatives.

Best wishes
Anne Webber

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