Re: What is a "Floorwalker" at/in Emporium #general

David Sencer <djud2@...>

A floorwalker was an employee of a store usually the equivalent of a
magazijn whose presence in the sales area was to discourage stealing, but
also was prepared to answer questions about merchandise. The Emporium was
a common name for what we in the USA refer to as department stores or in
your teminology a magazijn, pakhuis, warenhuis

At 05:49 PM 3/27/01 +0200, r.van wijngaarden wrote:

A friend of mine passed me on some information re: DELVALLE family in San

1899: David Gideon DELVALLE was a Floorwalker at/in Emporium

I like to ask:

a. What is a "floorwalker"
b. What is Emporium


Ren=E9 F.van Wijngaarden

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