Kremenets Yizkor Book, First Installment is on-line #general

Ronald D. Doctor <rondoctor@...>

I am pleased to announce that our first translation of the Kremenets Yizkor
Book, Pinkas Kremenets edited by Abraham Samuel Stein now is publicly
available on the Yizkor Book website

The book originally was published in Tel Aviv in 1954 by former residents
of Kremenets in Israel. It contains an extensive Hebrew section followed by
a Yiddish section, and is 453 pages long. This is the first installment of
our English translation. More is coming soon.

Our volunteer translators have done a remarkable job in translating the
first set of chapters. I particularly want to thank David Dubin, Rob
Goldstein and Steve Wien for all the effort they have put into this work.

The on-line book includes a detailed Table of Contents that is hyperlinked
to the text sections that have been translated. It also includes photos
(mostly of people) scanned >from the text. A Table of Figures has links to
each of the 20 photos currently in the translated text. In addition, to
help you find names of the people listed, we have added a Name Index at the
end of the book. It has about 300 names, and the pages on which the names
appear. The Name Index will grow as we translate additional sections.

Be sure to read the Translation Project Editor's Note, which explains how
we transliterated names. This will help you in locating particular names in
the book. If you have reason to believe that a transliterated name should
be spelled differently, please let me know. And, If you locate ancestors on
the list, please let me know about that too. I'm keeping a log of
"successes", which eventually we'll post on our website. As usual, if you
have any questions, be sure to contact me. I'm looking forward to hearing
from you.
Our volunteer translators are dedicated to our task, and have done
remarkably good work ... and, they are continuing to work. However, it is
clear that we will have to hire professional translators if we are to
complete this and the other Kremenets Yizkor Books (totalling about 1,000
pages in all) within a reasonable time. That means we must raise enough
money to pay the considerable expense for professional translators.
Consequently, I urge you to make a cash contribution to the Kremenets
Yizkor Book Translation Project.

To make a donation, point your browser to:

To be sure your donation goes to our Kremenets project, scroll down the
list and check the box next to Kremenets, Ukraine. You can make your
donation electronically (and safely) with a credit card, or you can
download a printable form for making your payment by mail. Donations are

Those who donate time and/or money to the project receive pre-release
copies of all translations and lists that we produce. This is one of the
ways we can reward those who help the project move forward. So, please make
your donation now ... and let me know about it. I will then add you to our
e-mail list of contributors so that you can receive pre-release copies of
the next Yizkor Book and Vital Records translations.

One last thing. If you haven't visited the Kremenets ShtetLinks website
recently, do visit now:

Sheree Roth and her son Max have done (and are doing) a wonderful job of
building this site as a home for all things Kremenets. You'll find
historical information about Kremenets, analysis of the vital records, and
photos of Kremenets and Kremenetsers. If you have material to contribute to
the website, please contact either Sheree ( or me

I hope you get as much personal satisfaction >from this English translation
and our other Kremenets work as I do. For me, this effort has been one of
the most personally satisfying things I have ever done ... and there is
more to come as our translators continue their work.

Ron Doctor
Translation Editor, Kremenets Yizkor Book Project

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