Atlanta, Georgia (USA) #general

Daniel Kazez <dkazez@...>

I am searching for an ALHADEFF family. Unlike many people
with surname, this family came >from Istanbul (1800s) rather
than Rhodes. >from there, they went to Cuba and then to
Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

I have learned that a "Jacob Alhadeff" is buried at Greenwood
Cemetery in Atlanta. To help confirm that this is the person
that I am searching for, I would like to know what appears on
the tombstone.

Is there anyone who could take a photo of the tombstone?

Here are the details:

Greenwood Cemetery
Atlanta, Georgia
Section "Orve Shalom"
Jacob Alhadeff
Buried November 1948


Daniel Kazez <>
ENGLANDER in Toronto and New York.
ALHADEFF in Cuba. LEBOY in Florida. BRODA in France.
DEVIDAS and KAZEZ in Argentina and Leipzig.

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