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Dear Fellow Genners,

Miriam Margoyles asks if there is any JRI-Poland activity for the town of
Lask. There most definitely is: the Lask PSA project! This is the effort to
obtain indices to *all* Jewish vital records *not* microfilmed by the LDS /
Mormons -- usually >from the late 19th century. The JRI-Poland team in
Warsaw is currently indexing the Jewish vital records of Lask and we expect
completion in approximately two weeks. If your parents, grandparents or
extended family lived in Lask in the late 19th century, you will soon have
access to records you never before imagined possible.

When checking the JRI-Poland web site for projects involving your town,
always check not only the "Shtetl CO-OP" page, but also the "Polish State
Archives" (PSA) page. Go to
<>, click on "Status
Reports: PSA Projects underway!," the last line in the heading of the page,
which will take you to the PSA Projects page. The town of Lask is listed in
the "Lodz Archives" table.

The town leader for the Lask PSA project is Bruce Morgenstern,
<bjmorgenstern@...>. If you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to contact Bruce or myself.

Shirley Rotbein Flaum
Lodz JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives Coordinator

Subject: Lask info
From: Miriam Margolyes <75342.3217@...>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 04:15:39 -0500

Thanks to Warren Blatt & Pamela ? who kindly replied to my query
about Lask. In case the info is useful to others, I reproduce it with

I can find no reference to any JRI-Poland activity for Lask, either any
current data, nor any formed Shtetl CO-OP... so you'll have to go to
the original archival data.

There are no records >from the Prussian period (1793-1807), but there
are records >from the Russian period (1808-1918) and the Polish period

The LDS have microfilmed the 1808-1825 Roman Catholic civil register
of Lask, which would contain the Jewish births, marriages and deaths.
LDS microfilms #808,461 and #808,462.

They've also microfilmed the Jewish registers, 1827-1869 (6 rolls:
#808,471-475, #767,128). The later 19th-century Lask Jewish
registers are at the Polish State Archives branch in Lodz, and
the 20th-century Jewish registers through 1939 are at the Urzad
Stanu Cywilnego (USC = Civil Registration Office) in Lask, all

Miriam Weiner's "Jewish Roots in Poland", pages 232-233 has further
more precise information about Jewish records of Lask.

Miriam Margolyes
Santa Monica
now in London

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