Index of Jewish Records CD #general

Howard Margol

Recently, I have received several messages containing questions about the
"Index of Jewish Records in the FHL CD" that was produced by IAJGS. I am
repeating two of them here, with my response, as many others may have the
same question.

Question No. 1
<< Is the CD you wrote about 3/2 the same or different >from the one I
purchased for $5. in SLCity last Conference? That one is not Mac
compatible. You say the CD you mention is Mac compatible.

I spoke to FHL in SLCity last week and the librarian told me the CD they
sell is not compatible.

Which is which? What is what? I would like a Mac compatible CD if it is
available. >>

Response -

Thanks for your enquiry. The Index of Jewish records in the FHL CD,
produced by IAJGS, is compatible for both a Mac and a PC. It is quite
different than the CD you purchased in SLC and is far more advantageous
for Jewish research.

Question No. 2
<< I read the post in the news group, and I'm confused.

If the CD contains an actual index of records, then I'm interested. If it
contains only a list of towns, and which microfilms/fiche belong to them,
then I'm not. It's unclear to me why this doesn't replace the online

Response -

The Index of Jewish Records in the FHL CD, produced by IAJGS, is a very
comprehensive CD. It does include a list of towns, and which
microfilms/fiche belong to them. However, the CD contains far more than
that. It includes a tremendous amount of data, finding aids, etc., and
is compatible on both a Mac and a PC. It is far more than just an idex of
towns. Here is one example of the information contained in the index:

TITLE - Matrykula, 1826-1911
SUMMARY - Civil registration of Jewish births, marriages, marriage
supplements and deaths for Sereje (Seree), Suwalki, Poland; now Seirijai,
Lithuania. Text in Polish and Russian.
LANGUAGE - Polish, Russian.
LOCATION - Poland, Suwalki, Sereje (Sejny). Lithuania, Seirijai.
Russia, Suvalki, Seree.
FILM - 752589 - Akta urodzen, malzenstw, zgonow 1826-1831, 1837-1838,
1845-1846, 1848, 1850-1851, 1854, 1856.
FILM - 1496961 Items 19-32; Dokumenty do akt malzenstw 1883-1887,
1889-1894, 1897-1899.
FILM - 1496962 Items 1-8; Dokumenty do akt malzenstw 1900-1903, 1905-1906,
1908, 1911.

I hope the above example will give you an idea of just how extensive
the index is. I do want to express a note of caution however, since you
are living in Israel. As I understand it, no FHL currently exists in
Israel. Even if you found several rolls of film that would be of interest
to you, I do not know how you would access it. The FHL in Salt Lake City,
Utah does send rolls of film and fiche to their branch FHL's around the
world but I do not know what, if any, provisions are made for anyone
living in Israel. I have heard that something may be worked out between
the FHL and Hebrew University but I have no verification of that.

Howard Margol
President, IAJGS

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