Trouble getting gravestone photo #general

Yeruchem & Fraida Cohen

Has anyone else had a problem getting headstone photos >from Union Field
Cemetery in Queens?

I asked them if they could photograph a relative's headstone months ago
and was told they could and the fee was $5. I sent a check; it was
cashed and weeks went by and I never heard >from them. I called, only to
be told that it was sent and must have gotten lost and they would send
it again. Once more, nothing came. I called again and was told that
sometime there is a problem with the mail and the person I was dealing
with said he would personally bring the photo to the post office
himself. That was last week. I live in upstate NY; it shouldn't take
more than two days to get here. It's already Wednesday night and still
no photo...

Advice, anyone?

Fraida Cohen

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