Re: Marriage certificates #general

Rona Michelson, DSW <rona@...>

As a lot of you pointed out, I was very vague and didn't think about what
I really needed to post. I am currently (today) indexing all of the
certificates and hopefully within a couple of days will have a list of all
of the surnames and will have them in my database for looking up as to
other details.

Thanks for your patience.

Rona Michelson

Rabbi Aaron D. Michelson
Rona Michelson, DSW
Modi'in, Israel
Proud Saba and Savta of Hadas, Tzvi, Daniel, Matan, Lilach, Elisheva,
Ariel, Avital, Yonatan, Yehuda, & Dina.

My late father-in-law, Rabbi A. Elihu Michelson z"l, passed away in
October. In going through his papers, we have found marriage certificates
for hundreds of weddings he performed >from the 1930s through the 1970s
(in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, etc.). If there is anyone who would
like a copy of their relative's certificate, we would be happy to furnish

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