Re: Ferdinand & Isabella #general

Robert Fraser <rgfraser@...>

A friend recently attended a lecture at Mar-a-lago in Florida, when the
author (a descendant of Ferdinand & Isabella) discussed a book which he has
written based on family papers which still exist. Apparently, both
of these monarchs had jewish ancestors.

Unfortunately, my friend could not remember the title or the name of the
author!! I am trying to trace this book and wonder if anyone out there has
heard of it. Any help you can give would be appreciated. >>

If true, then, given the habit of European royal houses and aristocracy
repeatedly intermarrying, it would seem that all the existing royal houses
have Jewish ancestry!

Queen Elizabeth 11 is known to have amongst her ancestry Rodrigo Diaz de
Biva (The "El Cid" of spanish history and the character played by Charlton
Heston in the film of the same name). Presumably he was connected to the
spanish royal house.

Robert W Fraser

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