ROSENBERG - Sarny, Poland #general

Gilda and Bob Kurtzman <gildak@...>

I have in my possession a letter >from Russia which may have some meaning to
some one. The context is written below. If you think this may be from
someone in your family, please contact me.

Gilda Kurtzman
Petach Tikva, Israel

24 of May 1932
Letter was written by niece Basia to aunt Liyuba and uncle.
She got a letter >from aunt Bronya with Liuba's address.
They (Basia's family) moved (8 days by train) to Middle Asia because of
the hard life in the place where they lived.
Mishen'ka (nickname for Michael) was married to Tanya, daughter of aunt
Etya. They (M. and T.) have a son, they live in Tashkent, "not far from
here" (1 day by train).

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