German alphabet soup #general

Stephen G. Esrati <stevsta@...>

I have obtained a summary >from a data bank at the Brandenburgisches
Landes Hauptarchiv about my grandmother, Clara Hirsch, who was killed
in Theresienstadt on March 4, 1943, at age 71.
The summary is full of interesting tidbits, including her address during
the 1939 census, her "Berlin address" (which is not the address at the
time of the census) and a few of her previous addresses.
But then comes the puzzle. It gives sources for the information, and
these are alphabet soup. I'll list them separately:
LAB, Akten des OFP. What is LAB? What is OFP?
Files >from the federal archives in Potsdam entitled "15.09 RSA." Could
"RSA": be the Nazi Reichsicherheitsamt?
BLHA, Pr Br Rep. 36A, OFP, Devisenstelle, Nr. A 1703 (Informationsreise
Palaestina 1935). What is BLHA? I assume that "Pr" stands for Prussian.
But here is OFP again. Is this the Finance Ministry?

Stephen G. Esrati
Shaker Heights, OH
Searching HIRSCH (Berlin); GRUENBERG (Schoenlanke, Provinz Posen); MEYER
(Frankfurt an der Oder)

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