OCR in Hebrew! #general

Ada Holtzman <ada01@...>

Dear Marty,

There is a wonderful program to ocr Hebrew text and it is really fantastic.
Results are very well. name of it is: LIGATURA. Tel in Israel:


Ada Holtzman
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4017/

From: "Marty Meyers " <marty@...>
I had an opportunity to see a Yizkor book today for the first time and
saw the immense problems most of us would have with translation.

For english text, I can scan a document into my computer and have an OCR
(optical character recognition) program convert it into, for example a
Microsoft Word document. I can then scan the document for a specific
word or phrase.

Does such a facility/software program exist for Hebrew?
If so, is it reliable?

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