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Gene and Ellen Sucov <genellen@...>

Dear Renee,
The reality of Jewish intermarriage in Spain and in Portugal during the
"Reconquest" has been thoroughly documented. While the Jews in Spain were
under Muslim control, living as second class citizens, the Catholics in the
North began a 700 year effort to expel the Muslims (Moors) >from the area.
As the Christian control moved south, they offered attractive terms for
Jews to emigrate into Christian lands. During this time, >from about 900 to
1492, conversion to Catholicism was an attractive option for many Jews.
The final push came after Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille
married in 1459, joined kingdoms in 1469 and created a unified Spain.
Since there were many Jews who had high positions in the royal courts, it
is not unreasonable for there to have been Jewish ancestors to these
Catholic monarchs.

Unfortunately, I do not know this book so I can't help you there.

Good luck in your search.

Gene Sucov, Pittsburgh JGS, searching for
SUCHOWCZYCKI, Horodetz-Bialystok-US
SHLAFMITZ, Zaremby-Koscielne-US

From: Charles Salama <salamax3@...>

A friend recently attended a lecture at Mar-a-lago in Florida, when the
author (a descendant of Ferdinand & Isabella) discussed a book which he
has written based on family papers which still exist. Apparently, both
of these monarchs had jewish ancestors.

Unfortunately, my friend could not remember the title or the name of the
author!! I am trying to trace this book and wonder if anyone out there
has heard of it. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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