SANDERS from Holland #general

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Dear Genners,

I am searching for descendants >from the Dutch Sanders family originally
from Gouda, Rotterdam or The Hague whom left Holland during the passed
200 years.

One of them is Jacob Marcus Sanders, born Rotterdam 20-08-1853, married to
Betje Jacobson, born The Hague 22-11-1848. They had at least one son named
Marcus Sanders, born Rotterdam 13-12-1875. Jacob had a "cap" factory as
was told to me by relatives of him in Holland. This factory was in
America, England or in Canada. The don't remember exactly where.
One document menioned that he arrived >from Victoria (British Columbia) on
the 4th of september 1924 without his wife and son.

I would greatly appreciate all help.

Tom Verwaijen
Engelen, The Netherlands

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