Re: Index of Jewish Records CD #general

Gene and Ellen Sucov <genellen@...>

Dear Howard,
Re FHL and Israel, I have recently heard that negotiations between FHL
and an Israeli organization are nearing completion. Under the agreement,
FHL will ship microfiche or film to the Israeli connection for the same
price as it would cost in the US. I presume the Israeli connection will
make the appropriate announcement when the arrangement is in place.

Gene Sucov, Pittsburgh JGS, searching for
SUCHOWCZYCKI, Horodetz-Bialystok-US
SHLAFMITZ, Zaremby-Koscielne-US

From: <HOMARGOL@...>

I hope the above example will give you an idea of just how extensive
the index is. I do want to express a note of caution however, since you
are living in Israel. As I understand it, no FHL currently exists in
Israel. Even if you found several rolls of film that would be of interest
to you, I do not know how you would access it. The FHL in Salt Lake City,
Utah does send rolls of film and fiche to their branch FHL's around the
world but I do not know what, if any, provisions are made for anyone
living in Israel. I have heard that something may be worked out between
the FHL and Hebrew University but I have no verification of that.

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