Genadinik (for Herb and others) #general

Francois Chetreanu <chetreanu.gen@...>

Hi all,

Last days, I've posted a message to find the complete mailing address of
Joseph Genadinik, in Reseda (California). You're numerous to have done the
search for me and to purpose to call him for me. That's very generous,
sincerely. But I'd like to ask Jewish Genners for a favor. Please, in the
future, for others researchers which will post a similar message as mine,
don't take the initiative for make a telephone call to the person we are
looking for without advertise us first ! Think that several of you have the
same idea and think that this person can be upset to receive many telephone
calls. In more, concerning Joseph Genadinik, he doesn't know me and I
would contact him to discuss about his parent's deportation. You'll
understand that it's a very sensitive ask. In any way, that doesn't detrac
from your generosity, but please, be moderate. Thank you.
I've lost the address of Marion and Herb who contacted me privately
concerning Joseph Genadinik. Please, Marion and Herb, contact me again.

Francois Chetreanu
Cherbourg / France

searching in Romania for :
CHETREANU, CHETRARIU, PETREANU (Buhusi, Adjud and Bucharest)

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