Jewish East End,London,England-Photos,Stories and Information #general

Laurence Harris <laurence_harris@...>

I am currently developing a website with information about the
Jewish East End of London, England (1656-1945) which is planned
to be hosted on the JewishGen Shtetel Link pages. The
geographical area I intend to cover is broadly Whitechapel, City
of London (a few of the Eastern wards only), Tower Hamlets,
Stepney, Stepney Green, Bethnal Green, Aldgate, Mile End and

The web site desperately needs some photos/pictures/images both
to liven up the site, and for the historical and genealogical
information they convey. Please let me know if you have any
photos depicting life in the East End (markets, streets,
synagogues, buildings, Jewish places of interest, people
practising typical Jewish trades/occupations of the period,
plaques/monuments (not gravestones)) that you would be prepared
to have displayed on the web-site.

Please let me know what you have.
Please do not send any photos or electronic images/files now.

I would also appreciate:
-Any stories/memoirs of the ? Jewish East End before 1945? (the
earlier the better) that you would be prepared to have published
on the website.
-Details of any synagogues in the area (which were active at any
time in the period 1656-1945).
-Details of buildings/monuments/plaques in the area of Jewish

Many thanks in advance for your help,
Wishing you all a Happy Pesach,

Laurence Harris
Pinner, Middlesex, England
(Also researching 18th and 19th Century Jewish bakers and
Passover Cake Bakers of England)

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