MENDELSO[H]N ROZENBLATT - Zamosc to Kiev #general

sophie frankenberg <sophiemend@...>

My grt. grandparents, Eli and Luba Mendelso[h]n of Zamosc had 7 children.
The eldest, Beila[b circa 1880], married Moshe Rozenblatt [not sure of the
spelling]. The whole extended family escaped to Kiev during WW1. All
returned to Zamosc 1n 1918, except the Rozenblatt branch, which included 7
children - Hinda, Rachel, Avraham, Feibel, Frida, Shlomo and Sara.

If there's anyone out there who may be connected to this family, I would be
happy to hear >from you.

Also, suggestions as to how I could find out what became of them,are most
welcome. I have no idea where to begin.

A Happy Passover to all

Sophie Frankenberg [Jerusalem]

Also Researching: HERING in the Zamosc vicinity [the father of the
family was a Shochet].
FRYDMAN Lublin and Chelm
FRIDMAN Lublin and Chelm
GOLDMAN Kotzk [Kock}

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