Adele KATZ? GUNST? EISOLD? #general

Paula Eisenstein Baker <eisenbak@...>

Posting for a colleague: looking for
information (professions, origins, first
names of siblings, whereabouts of
descendants, etc.) about the family of
Adele Terese KATZ, New York music
theory/music composition (possibly also
piano?) teacher.

b. Aug. 1887, San Francisco, CA; d. May
1979, New York, NY. Never married.
Father: Emanuel KATZ
Mother: Hannah GUNST

KATZ family lived ca. 1900 at 308
McDonough, Brooklyn, NY.

Adele lived ca.1930s-60s) at 277 West
End Ave., New York, NY. Taught theory at
Studios of Music Education on West 94
St., Manhattan, ca. 1940-1960.

Adele's brother(s) (first names?) had ad
agency (company name unknown), on
Madison Ave, NY.

Adele's nephew: Eugene KATZ; grand
niece: Barbara EISOLD; grand nephew:
John KATZ.

Private replies, please,
to me and I will forward.

Paula Eisenstein Baker
Houston, TX

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