Re: Is This Bill Customary for Genealogical Research? #general

Rosinsky <rosinsky@...>

Dear Steve,
I totally disagree with other comments I've read concerning the $550
you were charged for "same surname" documents >from the city of your
great grandfather, Ignatz KAUFMAN. You were supposedly hiring a qualified
genealogical researcher, who should have had enough professional ethic to
have not provided you with documents on individuals for which he could not
show any relationship to the individual you were asking him to research.
At ther very least, he could have informed you of the fact the he had
found other individuals with the same surname whom he couldn't tie in and
given you the option of having him provide you with the documents on them
or not....or perhaps at a reduced price.

Now as to "translation"......identifying the type of record you received as
"birth" "death", etc. is not called " a translation". Translating would
mean translating into English every word of the document...sometimes some
tiny detail mentioned is enough to provide you with a whole new line of

The only thing about the charges that "might" be reasonable are the
travel/food/lodging charges. These types of charges should be agreed upon
in advance with the researcher with no surprises later.

The main reason I would say for you to protest these charges and refuse to
pay his bill in full is not really for your case alone. I have been
involved in considerable such research endeavors and attribute the success
I've had to holding the various foreign researchers to agreed upon firm
guidelines and standards. Rewarding a researcher tor such a lax effort by
paying him as though he had done a completely professional job would be
very detrimental to all the rest of us who might use him in the future.

My advice is to pay him anything you agreed to "beforehand" as long as
that is *exactly* what he provided. If he provided you with some
"unsolicited" documents or with less than competent "translations", I
would politely point out to him those points and refuse to pay anything
for them. In the case of receiving a useful document but with an
inadequate translation, I would propose paying him 1/2 or perhaps 3/4.

I urge the entire Jewishgen community to please demand a high standard
of professionalism >from *any* researcher and to set out agreed upon
procedures and charges *before* agreeing to begin the project.

Bernard Rosinsky

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