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Sergei Komarov <komarov_sergei@...>

Dear Jenners!

I'm Sergei >from Moscow.
I continue to help everyone who need my help. What I can: not very hard
seach work and russian/english translation. I can help you up the language
and national dificulties, you have sure: other country, other sistem. I
can phone to some people or organisation you need. I know about,so as I
have such problem into your country.

I want to write about my first conclusions.

I contacted about 20 or more people this year after my fist offer.
The most of them have the surname of their relative (the only), sometimes
you have names of all relatives und family history.

My tools: its not very full - Moscow phone base provide seach by address
or by phone or by surname. Sometimes information is wrong becouse the base
is full throu the owners of phone numbers, but when man changes his flat
this info don't change the most case. The same time there are a lot of
right information in this base also.

The surname is not very usfull so as it go by male line, sometimes is
changes (my father changed his surname Gelerman to Gegerman, sometimes it
go by female line (my example also). People frightened to have jew suname
(my example also). Other problem is spelling. It's easily to say: search
all of variants!

Why is usfull( und I ask you) other more information you know about your
family? When I call to your samesurnamer in Moscow I have to say him some
in order he can understand if he have relation to your family.

A root search is successful very seldom. But my request is to answer my
letter of results of search that I sent you in order I can see what is the
result and correct new searching.

When I don't answer your fist request letter so is mean I havn't time
today but I answer all letters. If you want write again, may be there is
some mail problem so on.

Not very(about 20%) people in Moscow have internet, sometimes don't know
what it is. You can have connection by me also.
More people in Moscow know English.

My help is free.

Please write privetly the address you see down the list.


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