Re: Is This Bill Customary for Genealogical Research? #general

Myra S. Davis <myrabokpg@...>

I had a strange encounter with a researcher. She was recommended to me
by one of the Sig members. She was very nice via e-mail and a price was
set. She was very reasonable. She then sent me a list of names and
dates of birth. No place of birth listed. One matched my family. All
the others were speculation. She sent an attachment saying that would
explain the relationship. The attachment was blank. I wrote her back
and said to send the attachment back or type it in text. I told her I
thought she has spent a little too much time on the other names but ok if
she could show the relationship. She had asked for money to be sent via
Western Union. I had also asked if she would accept a personal check or
payment with a money order because of the high cost of Western Union.
The gist of the whole thing is I never heard >from her again. She never
answered my next four of five e-mails to send answers to my question. I
don't know what happened to her or if she became mad for some reason but
I have never heard >from her and it has been about 6 months now.
searching for: MOTANKY, SPECTOR, KLIGERMAN >from Pavoloch or Skvira
Myra Davis, Tucson, AZ

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