Kin of Phillip and Gussie GORDON #general

Mike Fischer <miketran@...>

Phillip Gordon was my grandfather's brother. Phillip had 2 brothers,
Samuel and William. Phillip's parents were Abe and Rose Gordon. The family
was >from Poland. It seems that that the family name in Russia (Bialystock)
was not Gordon, but something like Jachnuk or Yuchnuk. When William came
here, he was met by a cousin whose last name was Gordon and somehow he
ended up with that as his last name. Phillip and Gussie had 3 children,
Abe, Philli and Silvie. My mother's name was Sylvia and it is possible
that both Sylvie and my mother were both named after the same relative
whose Hebrew name was Sara Bryna. I understand that there were a few
people named after this relative. I also heard that all 3 brothers named
a son Abe after their father. My mother has a brother Abe.

Wilma Fischer
Passaic, N.J.

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