Searching for family #general

Paula Shaiman <pshaiman@...>

Dear Jewishgenners

I sent an e-mail earlier about searching for my Grandfather's nephew Munyel
Rubinstein and left off all the other family I'm still searching for with
great hope.

WILAMOWSKI, WILLIAMS (Zambrow, Lomza, Poland; NYC; Toms River, NJ; Tel
Aviv, Israel); RUBINSTEIN (Zambrow, Lomza, Poland; Mexico); RENERT, RENNERT
(Galicia; Vienna; NYC; Brooklyn, NY); ROSENBLATT (Bucharest, Romania; NY,
NY;Brooklyn, NY); FISCHLER (Iasi, Romania; NY, NY; Brooklyn, NY); SHAIMAN,
SIMON, BALINE, BALLIN, BEILIN (Bar, Odessa Russia; Bronx, NY; NY, NY;
Brooklyn, NY); SPECTOR (Russia, Winnepeq, Jersey City; Bayonne, Hoboken,
New RochelleNJ: NY; Brooklyn, NY); SASLOVSKY (Russia)

If you have any knowledge of the above please contact me privately.
pshaiman"nospam" please remove "nospam" before sending.

Thank you,

Paula Shaiman
Little River, SC

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