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According to the "Dictionary of Jewish Biography" by Geoffrey Wigoder, Ben
Gurion was born in Plonsk but makes no mention of previous names. However,
he refers to the following references and you may find some more info in
Ben-Gurion: A State Builder (1974) by A. Avi-Hai
Ben-Gurion, a Biography (1978) by M. Bar-Zohar
Ben-Gurion: The Burning Ground (1987) by S. Tevet

Louis Zetler

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Does anyone know Ben Gurion's real Polish surname?Most sources that Ihave
seen say he was born David Green in Plonsk. I ask because someone has
suggested to me that the original name was Zieloner,which means Green,and
that is a name I am researching >from the same geographic area.

Debbi Korman

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