Spring issue of the Revue du CGJ (France) #general

Lifshitz-Krams Anne

The 2001 spring Issue of the Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive (France)
is now avalable.
When the Jews settled in Metz :
Pascal PAUSTINI continues his enquiry about the origin of the first Jewish
families of Metz. Isaac, a protagonist of the trial described in issue 64,
would belong to the Frankfort Grotwohl family.

Chronicle of the Jewish community of Dornarch-Mulhouse(Alsace):
Denis INGOLD accompanies the reader through analysis of the notarial
documents into the intimacy of the first Jewish families of Dornach >from
the 16th century to the French Revolution. illustration is given of the
most notorious ones the Wallach, the Goldschmidt, the Battegay

Searching an almost lost identity in Corfu:
Renato MINERBO, today commuting >from Brazil to Paris, makes a sentimental
journey to Corfu.

A Jewish genealogy in the Ottoman Empire, the Penso family:
Remi HAKIM has used various kinds of approaches to invest a branch of his
family. His search started twenty years ago and is not yet finished.
Imagination, patience, exhaustive reading are the required clues to
succeed. And Internet is certainly the recent best and unavoidable

Hebraic palaeography: Eliane ROOS-SCHUHL examines a colophon of Moise
d'Avila Louis VORMS ascendancy

Press Review, Questions and Answers

You will also find in it the first results of an enquiry among the members
of the Cercle. The important result here is that 53.8% of the people who
answered are connected to the Web. Most of these people would like to find
more databases online. The new website of the CGJ (www.genealoj.org) will
soon authorize searchable databases (1808 lists of names will be the first).

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
Cercle de Genealogie Juive

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