Piatra Neamt, 1908, Surname PAIS, KATZ--Viewmate #general

Sheridan Kern <SheridanSquare@...>

I have posted on ViewMate the front and the back of a postcard written by
LALY PAIS (could also be Saly Paiss) in 1908 to my great-aunt Rose
(Rachele) Katz. Both the sender & addressee were in Piatra Neamt. I have
included a partial rough translation an acquaintance made for me. The
viewmates are VM 528 & VM 529. The url for the first is--
I hope this can help some one. As far as I know, I am not related to the
PAIS family.

I do not know if the postcard is a commercial one, or privately made. The
picture is of a young woman, but not identified. Does anyone know if it was
common practice to have family photographs made into postcards for mailing?
(I have several of these cards, all of different girls.) I have enlarged
the printer's mark, in case someone might recognize it, at Viewmate 530--

Please respond to me privately at Sheridansquare@.... The
posting should be there for about a week. Thank you very much.

Sheri Kern

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