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Gene and Ellen Sucov <genellen@...>

I tried to enter the website described below. The home page is quite
impressive with 3D, moving images. However, when I clicked on Enter, I got
an index list but with no way to go forward >from there. After trying 4
times to continue I got an error message. Very frustrating, especially
after the rave review by Prof. Esterson.
Gene Sucov, Pittsburgh JGS, searching for
SUCHOWCZYCKI, Horodetz-Bialystok-US
SHLAFMITZ, Zaremby-Koscielne-US

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Subject: The Jerusalem Archeological Park

Announcement was made in yesterday's Jerusalem Post of the new Jerusalem
Archeological Park, a virtual visit to the Second Temple. I have visited
the JAP web site and I can attest that this is one of the most exciting
sites I have ever seen for Jews, describing as it does the Center's
computer simulation of ascending to and walking in the Second Temple

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